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turret installation tutorial

Not much verbiage here. The pics say it all. You'll need a decent drill press. Mine is a low-end Delta, which cost about $100 and has lasted several years now. The turret tool is simply 1/4" all thread or bolts. The "anvil" is bolted to the press table and has a hole to accept the turret. The "stake" is ground to a point with roughly a 45 degree angle. The actual angle is not critical at all.

This angle shows the hole in the top of the anvil where the turret goes. Note that this tool is easy to make yourself. Sick some all-thread in the chuck, turn on the drill and use a metal file to grind the point. Drill a hole in the anvil and that's it!

Now the turret is in the anvil.

Ready to drop the garolite onto the turret.

Ready to flare the turret. Hold the board as level as possible to ensure a nice vertical turret.



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