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Sorry, but I have decided to stop offering parts. Do check my yard sale page and ebay auctions as I will be selling off all my stock. I do still have some turrets, garolite, Hiwatt handles, brass venting mesh, JTM45 chassis/plates/hardware and very nice JTM45 iron. Email if you're looking for any of this.

If you're looking for board material, I buy board directly from McMaster-Carr online. 3" wide strips of garolite are especially handy. If you're partial to the red swirl board, do a web search for GPO-3. GPO-3 is available in 4'x8' sheets for about $80. It's a common material because of it's use in the power distribution industry.

For other parts, Mojo has just about everything you need for making amps. Hoffman Amplifiers also has vintage amplifier parts and building supplies, including board and turrets.

Mouser is great for general electronics supply. That's where I get alpha pots, xicon metal film and carbon comp resistors, mica caps and a lot of the hardware for the chassis. They also have finally added turrets to their catalog and they're pretty cheap if you need a lot. I buy direct from Mouser in quantities of 2000. Lasts a LONG time...

If you want the BEST pots available, try the Clarostat sealed pots sold over at West Labs. BUT, be forwarned that you CANNOT solder to the pot casings. They are stainless steel, which won't accept solder AND there is a rubber gromet as part of the casing making it air-tight and that gromet should not be heated by a soldering iron. If you absolutely must use a ground buss soldered to the pots, don't buy these. That said, these are great pots and it's worth altering your ground if you want top quality pots.

The best source of well-tested tubes is Lord Valve. Great folks and his news letter is complete with user opinions of tone, right on the mark.

Check out my links page for a bunch more places.

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