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Custom gear is my specialty. I make about four amps per year as a hobbyist. Have a look at some of what's going on...

A Maple train wreck clone. Gain is tweaked a bit to taste to let the power stage get a bit more pushed before all hell breaks loose. :) Some spalted maple really made a nice cab, too.

Conversion of a "boutique" amp into my version of a Renegade.

Blondes have more fun....

A recent High Octane with a zebra velvet cab.

Michael Whitney uses my JTM45 transformers and chassis to make some cool amps!

First TMB 18W built from a box of parts sent to me.

My original prototype wreck clone just got a face lift with a new cab.

A High Octane as designed over at AX84 but with direct drive reverb, preamp line out and choice of 6V6 or EL84 output tubes. Click the Pic to see the full gallery.

Marshall 18W clone! Have a look at the amp porn by clicking the pic.

A custom "pimp" cabinet covered in scarlet crushed velvet is shown below, custom made for Joe Friday's bass player.

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